The word deacon means servant and the origins of that office are often traced to Acts 6:1-8. Deacons at Leonardtown Baptist Church serve in a variety of ways such as serving the Lord's Supper (or Communion), meeting needs among our congregation, and leading many of the ministry teams of the church.
This page also lists our other ministry directors and church officers.

Jen Acker / Women’s Ministry Director

Allen Campbell / Deacon of Multimedia

Ray Dagenhart / Church Officer (Moderator)

Mark Dooley / Board of Directors (Elder Rep)

Jef Farren / Deacon of Youth Ministry

John Fields / Local Outreach Ministry Director

Vicki Hammett / First Impressions Ministry Director

Kamilla Harris / Worship Arts Ministry Director

Shawn Healy / Deacon of Church Fellowship

Gayle Kokolios / Church Officer (Clerk)

Rick McKay / Deacon of Administration

Adam Osborne / Deacon of Benevolence

Karen Osborne / Library Ministry Director

Kim Rice / Church Officer (Treasurer)

Gregg Sleppy / Deacon of Children’s Ministry

Lee Sours / Deacon of Ordinances

Matt Toombs / Deacon of Church Safety

Kirk Whorton / Deacon of Senior Adults


We are led by a team of Elders who preach, teach, and lead the ministries of our church.


We are blessed to have amazing staff that keeps everything going strong